Chapter History

Charter Line: Ψlent Struggle

Psi-lent Struggle (1)

It all began with Ψlent Struggle and as the name suggests, founding a new chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorable task and one that is difficult, but rewarding. This line is the founding line of the Mu Eta Chapter of KKΨ located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its members are:

1. Avery Kalvin Simmons II aka Crescendo
2. Terrass Scott AB Misher aka Bottom Line
3. Clifton Ryan Carroll aka Double Treble
4. Anthony LaMarr Sawyer aka Falsetto
5. Terry Scott Hartman aka Solo
6. Channing Gregory Bennett aka Half-Time
7. André Ramal Watson aka Down Beat
8. Jesse Wayne Watson, Jr. aka 8th Rest

Alpha Line: AΨmetrical
A(Psi)metrical Crossed (1)

The two members of this line are very different from one another, hence the line name. Mike is the furthest on the right, and Omar is to his left.

1. Emmanuel Omar Currie aka AΨde
2. Michael Keith Wimberly II aka Off Beat

Beta Line: MUtations of EcsTAsy


This line is perhaps the most diverse line of Mu Eta, hence MUtations. EcsTAsy comes about from the constant happiness and enjoyment that is created by each of the members when around each other.

1. Catherine Claire Weidman aka Syncapation
2. Elizabeth Hollis Crawford aka Allegro
3. Raymond LaNeal Miles aka bAckbEAt
4. Raymond Donnell Sawyer aka Restless ModHulation
5. Philip Melancthon Snyder V aka MetroHnome
6. Ebony Kyerra Kennedy aka VIral Soundtrack

Gamma Line: PolyphonAEA

The Gamma line is titled PolyphonAEA due to their multiple voices, that are able to come together as one. This is a reference to both their personalities and instruments. They span the woodwind and brasswind sections of the band.

2. Robert Tyler “Beau” Emory aka Mobile DeΨfer
3. Aja Sierra Kennedy aka The Conductor
4. Truman Antoine Vereen aka Unswerving Loyalty

Delta Line: Mixed Meter (Spring 2011)

The Delta line, known as Mixed Meter, comes from various sides of the band. They each bring their own ideas and energy to the chapter. They are from the alto saxophone, trombone, and trumpet sections. Also, for the first time there is a member who is not a part of the Marching Tar Heels, Will.

  1. Vincent Tavaris Baxter aka InΨdious
  2. Williams Jung aka Dual DynamiKK
  3. Jacob Davis Rhyne aka CountryΨde

Epsilon Line: Ψgns of dAEjA vu (Spring 2012)

There are moments in life where one feels that he has been in a particular place before and signs arise that a person is repeating an act or experience of a past life. Then, there is the moment when a group shows work ethic of the highest caliber. This line comes into the chapter along with the message that the chapter is continuously becoming stronger every moment… they are Ψgns of dAEjA vu!

  1. Antonio Maurice Kornegay aka VoKKal Finesse
  2. Andrew Jung Tie aka heArtbEAt
  3. Tanner Clayton Smith aka euphoriAEA

Zeta Line: heptAtonic rEnAissance (Spring 2013)

zeta line

This line ushers in the largest group since our founders, marking the continuing movement of our chapter toward growth and innovation. The heptAtonic rEnAissance brings seven new sounds into the Mu Eta Chapter.

  1. Jennifer Styles aka exhilarAEAtion
  2. Adam Wang aka Deuce Lee
  3. Yili Wu aka O.C.T.A.V.E.
  4. Kris Gilmore aka pAEAthos
  5. Matthew Zavaleta aka upBEAT
  6. Xavier Collins aka VIcious EscAEAlation
  7. Joseph Rhyne aka ProlifiK LegacAEA

Eta Line: magnaniMous crescHendo (Fall 2013)


Comprising the first fall line in three years, the eta line successfully navigated through their commitments to the Marching Tar Heels and the membership process. Despite the demands in time and effort, the duo was never resentful of what was asked of them.

  1. Amanda Williams aka sassAEA Ψde
  2. Zineb Bouzoubaa aka Ψentific OutbreaKK

Theta Line: MonolitHic Res1lience (Spring 2014)









Despite challenging weather and a daunting task of a one-man membership process, Ben decided to push ahead resiliently. The definition of monolithic, Ben upholds the name of the theta line.

  1. Ben Clements aka deΨsive KKourAEAge

Iota Line: MusiKKs TrIlogy (Fall 2014)









  1. Sydney Lark aka ΨntripetAEAl Force
  2. Stephanie Tepper aka perKKussive dAybrEAk
  3. Maverick Austin Dean Hart aka resounding hAEArt

Kappa Line:  (Spring 2015)


  1. David Rivero aka exultAEAnt distinKKtion
  2. Darissee Peebles Jr. aka sophisticAEAted eKKspression
  3. Sarah Savannah Peters aka TREs rAdEAnce